this blog consist my research about wolf and there pack


wolf also known as gray wolf , there measure is around 105-106 (cm) and there weight is around 40 (kg) , wolf height is 80-85 (cm)

wolf pack

pack is some kind of family it can include three to twenty wolves they are so friendly in there pack and show no science of violent in the pack (some of people think wolves has so much violent in there pack and they fighting for there place! that’s not true)

when wolves want to travel, old wolves and ill wolves are moving in front of pack(to don’t stay) then strong wolves in front and back of the pack protect the pack from dangers between these wolves is rest of the pack, and the last one is Alpha his the last wolf (if any animal want to attack the pack it must first hit the Alpha to be honest Alpha is a shield)

Alpha wolf is strongest wolf in the pack and leader of it, Alpha male pick the strongest female wolf (Alpha female) just these two can produce pups and they eat first in kills. but being Alpha isn’t easy it have to much responsibility and hard decission to take.

As i told you wolves are too friendly in there pack if one wolf want to be Alpha it can leave the pack and create it’s own pack.


Wolves pups born in spring and gestation period is around 63 days, female wolves able to has one to nine pups but average size is around four pups, when pups born there weight is one pound female wolf caring pups when other members of pack are going to hunt, after three weeks they start playing in den. in there fifth week they start wondering outside of den and there mom keeps her eye on them and start wean them from milk. after two or three months they start traveling and hunting with pack.

this blog written by erfan samadi

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