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Witcher 3:Wild Hunt in 2021

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt made by CD Red Projekt, This company founded by Marcin Ivinski and Michal Kisinski in Poland, This company made the games like: The Witcher series, Cyberpunk 2077 and Throne breaker. The Witcher 3 released in may 18, 2015 and it has two free DLCs (heart of stone, blood and wine) which released  in 2016. 


story (spoiler alert)

Witcher 3:Wild Hunt has a great story, If you did not play the Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 , I recommend you to play them first or read the story lines of them at least. The story is about the Geralt of Rivia (white wolf), he’s memory is completely back and remembers everything, the main story line is about Ciri (Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon) or the daughter of the Nilfgard’s emperor. Geralt is looking for he’s step daughter (Ciri), Whitcher 3 has three ending in the main game which includes: you find Ciri and she will be the emperor , you find her and she will be the Witcher, you find her and she get killed by Wild Hunt. every one of this ending is depends on your decisions  in the game, there are lots of character in the game that makes the game’s story more exciting and amusing. despite of finding Ciri, killing Wild Hunt is another goal for Geralt, Wild hunt wants to end the world with frost and you should defeat them after you find the Ciri.


When It comes to Graphic Whitcher 3 has a lot to say. Do not forget that, This game made in 2015 but it is still has a lot to say, Textures are great character face and body is well designed even for 2021 standards. One of the things that I adore is the horse design, If you compare the horse with another game like assassins creed: valhalla Which released in 2020, Witcher still has upper hand!

Witcher 3


Witcher 3 offers you lots of combat techniques, Witchers has two sword one for humans and another which is made of silver is for monsters. There are lots of  main and side quests in the game, Geralt has horse named roach you can buy saddles for your horse and in the blood and wine dlc you can even buy armor for your horse. There are variety of armors and weapons (swords, axes, crossbows) to choice, and there are lots of upgrade mechanics in the game (there are lot to mention). If you played this game for hundredth of hours and start to getting tired of it, You can play Gwent which is card game and it is so fun to play. There is even game named Gwent: Witcher card game.

Witcher 3

Buy or know more

If you consider to buy this game or want to gather more information about this game you can click the button below to go to Witcher 3’s website.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Website

This Blog Is Written By Erfan Samadi

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