Audi R8


Audi is a German automobile company, that produces the Audi R8, This company is a subsidiary of Volkswagen. Audi founded buy Agust Horch in 3 September, 1949 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. As of this time Audi has a net worth of 13.8 B dollar (If I want to be honest I couldn’t find the net worth from the reliable source this net worth is the only one that you could find from internet). If you want to know more about the Audi company please click the link down below.

wikipedia: Audi company

Why should you buy Audi R8 2021?

Audi R8 2021 is a powerful and gorgeous car, if you want to attract attention in the streets you definitely should buy The Audi R8 2021. the exterior design is awesome, Like the previous R8s engine is in the back of the car. This car is little bit expensive but for the price you pay you get: Audi brand, unique Audi R8 exterior design, and amazing interior design with lots of feature But keep in mind that price can be skyrocketing with options that you choose.

Audi R8

Lets start from exterior of Audi R8, Exterior looks great, in the front-end of the car you can see the running lights and Audi famous grill and vents, however I’m not the big fan of the back-end of the Audi I think it could be way more better. When it comes to interior Audi R8 has a lot to say, interior looks a little like the Bugatti style (please correct me if I’m wrong) for example the start button and other buttons are really look like it copied from the Bugatti. personally for me interior of Audi R8 is little bit weird (maybe because of lack of dashboard screen) it looks empty for me. But overall Audi R8 is a new perfect car for Audi lovers and others.

Audi R8

Audi R8


When it comes to the performance, Audi R8 has a lot to say. It comes with 5.2L V10 engine which is capable to produces 562 HP to 602 HP, It can goes 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds and reach the top speed of 328 Km/h to 330 Km/h (depends on the version that you choose), BMW X1 has 19 inch wheels, fuel economy: 18 L/100 Km in the city, 12 L/100 Km in the highway and 15 L/100 Km combined.

Audi R8


The price tag of Audi R8 starts from CA$168,650(without any extra options). If you want to know more or consider to buy this car please click on the link down below.

Audi’s website: Audi R8

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