Chat GPT

What is Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligent chatbot developed by OpenAI company. The Chat GPT released in November, 2022 but the stable release was February 13, 2023.

There is still one question left, what is the difference between this chatbot and other chatbots that you see on commerce websites? The differences comes to light when we start to ask questions that we did not defined to bot or we did not give obvious answer to it, in this situation GPT’s answers are significantly better than the other AIs.

Uses of Chat GPT

You can use Chat GPT to have an idea how to start your business, you may ask how? It could help you with sales, It could be your sales person, when a customer ask question it could answer it like a human and if you do not like the answer it provides to your customers you can always ask the bot to change it answer based on what you like. It also helps you with marketing No, it can not run advertisement for you but it could help you with providing marketing strategies and guiding you.

And It makes the dream come true for programmers, instead of searching google and wasting time when you run to problem or for bug fixes you just need to paste the code to Chat GPT and it will diagnose the problem or the bug in your code, It also could provide sample code structures, isn’t that great? These were some of the chatbot’s capabilities.

Chat GPT

Financial use and Drawbacks

One of the things that worry me a lot is the financial use of this bot, the developers are made this bot in the way that prevent itself from giving financial advise to people and there is a reason behind that, but some people are trick the bot to obtain financial advise which it would be a terrible advise, because this Bot is currently does not have access to internet and whatever advise it gives to you is for November 2022. But if you want to start a business or you want to know basic information about the financial world, It could provide you a lot.

You should keep in mind that this Chatbot is not complete and you could run to lots of problems with it at least in the initial release this was the case, It still under development and has lot to learn.

Chat GPT

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