Vehicles AI Evolution

Evolution of vehicles AI

From AM radio to self driving vehicles, this is the story of Vehicles AI evolution. If we want the AI or not it is taking over the industries and auto manufacturing is no exception, sooner or later vehicles would have the Level 5 (full automation) of self automation. We should know the Vehicles AI evolution from the first AI that put in the car to the last existing complicated AI technologies in our cars.

First steps of Vehicle AI

The first car that humanity made was Benz patent motor car on January 29, 1886 or first car with roof was Ford Model T in may ,1925. But none of these car had any kind of infotainment or a simple radio on them, in 1930 the first AM radio came and it was a luxury features for a vehicle and these radios could restore the data (could restore different radio frequencies. Then in 70s and 80s the cassette players came, The very firs and basic navigation system was in 1981 Toyota Celica, after 9 years Mazda introduce the fist GPS system for cars. The last evolution for the 20 century was the CDs that came in 90s, These features were the first steps of Vehicle AI Evolution.

Vehicles AI Evolution
Vehicles AI Evolution

Vehicle AI Evolution in 21 century

From 2000 to 2023 (current year) AI improved drastically, in 15 years we improved the self driving cars from level 0 to level 3. The first IVI systems (touch screen) are emerged in 2000s along with USB ports for your infotainment system, now days we have cruise control, tire pressure sensors with Apple Carplay  and powerful computers to prosses them all and make the driving easier than ever for us. We have automatic shifter and Electric brake (unlike the older ones these are operated by computer), Yes they have their own cons and pros, these days our cars have emergency brake, The AI is so intelligent that it would prevent you to crash with using the emergency brake.

You do not need to shift these days cause most of the cars are with automatic transmission and in the near future you probably do not need to even touch steering wheel, gas and brake. If you told a person in 1928 that humans would make a car that has a GPS could play song and has bunch of sensors on it and all of these are operated by AI, that person would call you crazy and now after a century we have the very intelligent AI that humanity ever made. But this is not the full Evolution, AI has a long way to go to be at its peak of its potential.


Vehicles AI Evolution
Vehicles AI Evolution

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