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top 10 biggest dogs in the world

in this blog I’m going to talk about top 10 biggest dogs in the world some of them are in guinneess book record and all of them are huge and heavy so take a look at the list next 5 is on the next blog.

10. Lizzie

Lizzie is the winner of 2017 Guinneess world record as biggest dog in the world. this dog is too big but don’t afraid, this dog has big heart too, this dog is 3.16 feet tall, Lizzie loves children and loves to walk in the park to het petted  if she stand on two leg she is 6.56 feet. 

10. Lizzie | Biggest Dogs

9. Hairly hong dong

this dog is like lovely bear he’s 3.3 feet and in the weight of 178.6 pounds beside of that this breed is expensive this dog sold 1.9 million to Chinese business man with this mount of money you can buy private jet or super sport car or even submarine this dog food is cost you about $4,000 per mouth.

9. Hairly hong dong | Biggest Dogs

8. Hulk

this dog bite can rip your arm off! Hulk is the American Pitbull this dog size is more than 176.4 pounds it weigh is three times more than other Pitbulls and it’s 5.3 feet long, this dog needs 4.4 pounds beef daily.

one of the puppies of this dog sold $30,000 , he’s owner never want to sell  Hulk but this Pitbull price tag is around $250,000.

8. Hulk | Biggest Dogs

7. boomer

this dog is 3.3 feet tall and 6.56 feet long he’s owner said this dog can finish 22 pounds of food in two days according to the 185.2 pounds weigh it’s possible.

7. boomer | Biggest Dogs

6. Gibson

this dog breed is Great Dane, this dog was in the Guinneess book records in 2004. this dog was in the shows in the America and he loves the cameras and cameras loved him too! with 3.5 feet hight and more than 6.56 tall he’s size is almost similar to undertaker (WWE) we lost him in 2009! because of the cancer we always remember you Gibson.

6. Gibson | Biggest Dogs

this blog written by erfan samadi

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