top 10 universities in Canada

Hello, welcome to another blog! this is top 10 universities in Canada. If you want to have successful feature one of the ways is graduate from the university, So I bring you them! 

10. university of CALGARY

University found in 1966 and it located in city of Calgary, Close to the Idyllic Rocky mountains. This university ranked 10 in Canada, It attract students from 125 countries in the world, The university of Calgary is mainly research university with over 50 research centers.

university of CALGARY

9. university of WATERLOO

This university ranked as one of the innovative universities in Canada. It attracts great scholars and thinkers from the all countries in the world, due to it high level quality education, The university of Waterloo has many Nobel prize winners. This university ranks one in Canada when comes to engineering programs and their students continue to influence the world with their innovations.

university of WATERLOO

8. WESTERN university

This university is one of the most beautiful universities in Canada, Western university contains gothic architectures. This university is one of Canada’s research intensive universities, It is known for it exceptional academic programs and research discoveries. It located in Ontario, London , It offers over 400 undergraduate programs and 80 graduate degree programs, It has student population comprising of international student from over 130 countries, Western university has beautiful environment, Campus of this university filled with trees and green space and architectural pleasing buildings.  

WESTERN university

7. university of OTTAWA

University of Ottawa is largest bilingual university in the world! The university located in the heart of capital city of Canada. It continues to excel in the  teaching, research and learning, University of Ottawa is  among top research intensive universities in Canada, It has largest law school in Canada.

university of OTTAWA

6. university of ALBERTA

University of Alberta is sixth best university in Canada and it is 136th university in the world, The main campus located in Edmonton . If you interest in energy related research, University of Alberta will be one of the best choices for you, With its out standing program linked to energy research and unhand study. The university strives in making opportunity available and affordable to anyone regardless of their country of origin.

university of ALBERTA

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