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4 more tech gifts you can buy

Hi everyone, Hope you had great day, This is the part 3 of tech gifts, Hope you enjoy it.


Price: Pro $35 | Mate $25

Gift is strong word for Tile, Tile is using  for couple of years, This thing price is 30 pounds or you can get smaller version of this things (Mate), Mate cost you 20 pounds. The Tile is kind of tracking device, You can put it on your keys or keep it in your backpack or in your  wallet or anything like that, Then through the app on apple or android you can track it, If you lose it you can ring it through the app to find it. 


Philips Hue Smart light

This gadget is a bubble lamp, There is nothing specific about it. I want to give you warning about this kind of products, This kind of techs are so cool, But you can easily addicted to them for example you buy one and you think with yourself it would be better to buy second one and you will buy a lot of design lights or decors, some people call them tech cracks! Like other smart lights this bubble has it own app for changing color, Lets be honest, Philips Hue smart light is quite expensive! 

Philips Hue Smart light

PC Upgrade

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

AMD Radeon 6800XT ( Gamer Nexus)


Invidia RTX 3070FE: $499

Invidia RTX 3080FE: $699

You can not buy many of these right now, If you can get one of these, forget the gift, keep it for yourself! This graphic cards and CPUs are great for gaming PCs, for playing at 1080 P and 1440 P. This things are beasts right now. If your gift is one of these, the person that would receives the gift is lucky person.

PC Upgrade

google Chromecast (2020)

Price: $50

The Google Chromecast come out lately and it cost you about 60 pounds, It is above Chromecast normal and below Chromecast ultra. You can plug it in your TV and you get apps like Netflix, Amazon, HBO… It has remote control and it capable to stream ( except games)

google Chromcast (2020)


One of the best gifts for kids, You buy games like: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Assassins Creed: Valhalla, The Last Of Us Part 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Reddead Redemption 2, Spiderman. Tip: right now Cyberpunk has some bugs and issues on it but they going to fix it really soon, at the time you reading this blog maybe it fixed.


this blog has written by Erfan Samadi

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