Artificial Intelligence

HTML Tables

HTML Tables

HTML Tables Hello everyone and welcome to the another tutorial of HTML, in this blog I will teach you about HTML Tables. Before we hop in to it, lets see what is table means in HTML, imagine you want to write a daily routine for yourself what you do? probably you would draw some columns …

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Chat GPT

What is Chat GPT?

What is Chat GPT Chat GPT is an artificial intelligent chatbot developed by OpenAI company. The Chat GPT released in November, 2022 but the stable release was February 13, 2023. There is still one question left, what is the difference between this chatbot and other chatbots that you see on commerce websites? The differences comes …

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Programming Hello everyone, I hope you are having great time, so you are got interested into world of programming and coding, or maybe you want to be a hacker or something like that. If you watched some movie about hacking or cybersecurity or watched some cool Tiktok about coding (10 seconds of it), then decided …

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