7 stuff that every youtuber needs

this blog consist of my experience

1. camera

As youtuber you need something to can record you, for beginning you can use your phone or webcam but if you want to have better quality you can buy sony 4k handi cam or buy cannon …

if you  are gamer keep in mind for best quality in cameras (handicams and …) you should use capture card.

2. microphone (USB,XLR)

for anything you should use microphone you can create video without sound , no one going to see it.

for beginners microphones with USB port is the good choice some of these mics: “blue yeti” , “snowball” and …

but if you want to have more advanced microphone with clear voice that going to be more expensive (XLR) and you should use sound card with them (without sound card they don’t have nice quality) for instance: “Shure SM 7B” , “Audio_Technica AT2035” …

don’t forget to setup pop filter to filter noise of letter “p” on mic.

3. Editing

youtuber should be able to edit his own video you can hire someone to do it for you but some of videos like vlog and special videos should edit by youtuber (in my opinion) because it give videos personality .

so you can edit with “Adobe premiere pro” i recommend this software or you can use “sony vegas” or other software you feel easier with.

4. Thumbnail

Thumbnail is cover of your video if i want to put it in another way it’s picture on your video the first thing viewers see.

Thumbnail is super important because it have very important job (attract viewers to your video) so make sure you make a nice one, you should use good software to be able make  thumbnail i recommendation is “Adobe Photoshop” but as i said you can use other software. 

5. lights (background,face ...)

If you are vloger make sure natural lights don’t be so shining in this situation your face going to be dark and viewer will see nothing but dark face and sound.

If you are gamer or recording in house make sure you have light on your hole face use “Ring light” or “soft box” use anything can lights up your face!

As someone recording in house you should make your background more beautiful it’s not that hard, buy some RGB lights with and place them in your background oh if forgot something! make sure you background is clean.

6, system

You want to be youtuber? you need system

every one of you need laptop or computer it depends on your goal.

you are vloger use laptop to edit your videos.

you are gamer and streamer use pc or console with pc (connect them with capture card) for playing your game and edit your video 

As gamer you should have strong  pc because it should handle the game and record game in the same time.

7. how many monitors?

Vloger doesn’t need extra monitors.

Gamer (who don’t streamer) has some extra monitors is optional.

But streamers should has at least two monitors one for game and another for chat page and donates.

this blog written by erfan samadi

 I hope you enjoyed of this blog feel free to leave comment.