2021 Dodge Demon

Dodge Company

Dodge is car manufacturing company, based on Auburn hills, Michigan. Dodge is division of Stellantis, it founded in early 1900s by Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge as Dodge brothers company. At first dodge was supplier of parts and assemblies, in 1914 they started Dodge Brothers brand and start to produce cars. Now days doge is famous for its american muscle fast cars like Dodge Demon, it also produces SUVs.

Dodge Demon

Dodge Demon is one of the best American muscle cars that you can find in the market. Its iconic look screams power and gets lots of attention from others (beside of its monster V8 engine that screams power). From back, Dodge Demon looks like dodge challenger, exact tail lights and spoiler. In front of car you get gigantic bonnet scoop to feed the Dodge engine with air and you get famous Dodge headlights, overall Dodge Demon has aggressive front.

Now lets talk about the interior, Okay let me clear up something really quick! Dodge company known for its power not for its design or gadgets. So compare to other sport cars Dodge Demon has decent exterior design and not bad interior design. you get digital driver display and pedal shaft , if you planning to put adult person in back seats I should warn you, there is not a lot of knee room and head room for adult person in back seats, I also should mention that this car gets less soundproofing (it can be good or bad thing depend on your preferences) steering wheel in this car designs for drag races and yes it is a upgrade version of Dodge Challenger steering wheel, like I said this car designs for someone who drives fast and love the drag races (not for someone that drives like my grandmother) I can guarantee you that Dodge Demon drivers, drive it like a maniacs ( they do burnouts and drag races ,wast majority of them drive safe in the streets and places that has high chance of accident).

2021 Dodge Demon
2021 Dodge Demon


Dodge Demon come with supercharged 6.2 Liter V 8 engine with 717 Ib-ft of torque which is capable of producing 808 horse power, It has 18 inch wheels. With all of this it can goes 0 to 100 Km in 2.3 seconds and reach top speed of  339 Km/h. Fuel economy: 17.6 Liter per 100 Km in the city, 10.7 liter per 100 Km in the highway and 14.5 liter per 100 Km combined.


You can buy Dodge Demon  for CA $109,000 it can goes up to CA $247,151 depending on things and packages that you pick or demand form the Dodge company. If you want to buy this car please click on the button down below.

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