Samsung SH 85

Samsung SH 85 (review)

Hey guys! I am back with another blog! In this blog I am reviewing amazing monitor, Hope you enjoy!

Samsung SH 85 released in 2017, This monitor has high-end quality with crystal clear display. This monitor is good for programming and for daily tasks.

Viewing angle

One of the most important things for monitor is its viewing angle. Samsung SH 85 has 176 degree viewing angle, Which is great for monitor, If you want to have monitor that you can see screen from different angles, pick a wide monitor.

Samsung monitor


Samsung did great job when it comes to picture quality of this monitor. This monitor has WQHD quality which is higher than full HD quality. With fluidly multitask and easy setting box, It can show multiple images at the same time. You can easily dual this monitor or use multiple of this monitor (side by side) thanks to its multitask ability. This monitor is compatible with Vesa standard and it has good adjustment, you can adjust it backward and forward, vertically, horizontally.

Samsung SH 85

More about Samsung SH 85

This monitor has eye saver mode which can filter high percentage of  blue lights. Like every other monitors, This monitor has store cable which is hidden from view! ( yeah you can see it on other monitors too!). It has two USB ports with one USB type C port , DP output, DP input and a HDMI input port. When you connect your mobile devices via USB type C , This monitor can shows screen of device and charges your device at the same time. If you want to help to save the earth, you should buy the Samsung SH 85! Because it made of PVC-Free recycle plastic. With Eco-Saving mode you can minimize your energy cost. With all of these , This monitor is one of the best monitors for programming and daily tasks.

Samsung SH 85
Samsung SH 85

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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