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Rezvani Tank 2020

Rezvani tank is one of known production vehicles of Rezvani Motors company. Rezvani Motors is an automotive designer and auto manufacturer of high performance cars, Rezvani Motors based in Irvine, California, It founded by Ferris Rezvani (Iranian-American) in 2013.Despite the fact that Rezvani Motors is a new company compare to other manufacturers, It made a really good vehicles  like Rezvani Beast and Rezvani Tank. In this post we are going to review the latest vehicle of Rezvani Motors, If you want to know more about Rezvani Motors please click on the button down below.

Rezvani Tank (review)

As always I will start from the exterior of Rezvani Tank A.K.A masterpiece, let’s start from the front-end. When I look at the front, first thing that catches my eye is the huge front bumper, It is massive and so well designed to matches with the other parts of car, headlights are really gorgeous and yes they are bulletproof, I absolutely love the grill and hood design of Rezvani Tank and we have front camera with night vision on it, I almost forgot to mention the light bars on the roof that potentially could blind the person or individuals in front of car for a minute or so (in order to buy you a enough time to escape). If this light bar is not enough for you they have bright light and stroke lights inside of the grill, That is insane!

We have reinforced tires or bulletproof tires (steel ring inside of the tire) that if you shoot these tires they do not pop out, Yes! This is the bulletproof tire then we have pretty normal electrified door handles that are capable to electrocute the bad guys, If you are wondering how protected this car can be? Let me paint the picture for you, this car has level 6 still armor (swat uses this kind of armor for their vehicle) and windows can stop the AK-47 bullet! If you still not convinced, It glasses could stop five direct shots of shotgun (into same spot)!

When it come to the back side, Rezvani Tank has lot to say. We have blinding back light bars, fake exhaust tips, do not get me wrong fake exhaust tip in this car is not a down side, they designed it in this way to hidden the real exhaust (to prevent any manipulation),it comes with magnetic deadbolts. Rezvani Tank has smoke screen that sprays smoke in emergency situations (you turn it on, it is not automatic), and finally it can drop tacks! and I love the tail lights of this vehicle they are so beautiful.

Interior of Rezvani Tank is luxury high build quality. It has build in roll cage, escape hatch, Rezvani Tank comes with gas mask and emergency blankets on it, in order to protect you from the tear gas or any potential chemical attacks, this car also could handle the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks without any damage. You can customize car’s interior how you want, I have gathered some options that are currently available for Rezvani Tank: you can choose from the cloth, leather and full leather seats, changing the seat style and gauge color, heated seats, center console safe etc… Semi-automatic gauge, normal steering wheel with decent infotainment system.



Rezvani Tank base model comes with 3.6 Liter V 6 engine with 219 Ib-ft of torque which is capable of producing over 285 horse power  and with 8 speed automatic transmission. The most expensive model comes with 7 Liter supercharged V 8 engine  which is capable of producing over 1,300 horse power. 2020 Rezvani Tank comes with massive 37 inch front and rear tire size, With all of these it can goes 0 to 100 Km in 5.6 seconds and reach top speed of  282 Km/h. Fuel economy: fuel economy of Rezvani Tank is not good at all it goes 25 miles per gallon.

Some of things that worth mentioning is 2020 Rezvani Tank based on the jeep wrangler chassis, It has starry night headliner option and you do not need to buy the bulletproof version, Rezvani Motors sells the non-armored version as Tank and the armored version as Tank military edition or you can buy Hercules version (6 wheel version).


Rezvani Tank starts from CA$197,00. (Canadian dollar)  this is the base model, and keep in mind that options are really expensive. You can order the Rezvani Tank military edition with the starting price tag of CA$329,282 (Canadian dollar).


Design and Style 100%
Performance and Capablity 96%
Comfort 100%
Price 70%
Final Score (out of 100)

This is the official video of Rezvani Tank military edition from the Rezvani Motor’s youtube channel.

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave comment.

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