Python introduction

Python Introduction

Hi, my name is Erfan and I want to welcome you to Python’s first tutorial. This is the Python Introduction, I will introduce you to the Python programming language.

What is Python? Python is one of the best programming languages and it is the most fast growing programming language. It is popular within Software engineers, Data analysts, Mathematicians, accountants, etc… Python is beginner friendly and it makes it so easy to learn. Artificial Intelligence or machine learning, Data analysis, Automation, even building a website or app and hacking are some of uses of Python. you could solve problems faster with Python and it has huge community, so if you got stuck, just ask from Python community.

So how to learn Python? First of all you need some tools, you should download the python from it website. Then you can download the community version of Pycharm (my recommendation) or you can use Replit website ( it is online based), you can Click on the buttons down below to get the Pycharm or enter Replit.

Installing the needed tools

Python (necessary)

Now that you read the Python introduction it’s time to install the needed tools (you should install Python first and then choose form Pycharm and Replit).

Click on the button down below or on the Python button in first section, then follow the guild lines:

1.Hover your mouse on the download section, then click on the download.

2.install the python and then choose from the Pycharm and Replit.


After you clicked on the button (Replit button in previous section), follow the below guides:

1.Click on the sign up and complete the sign up steps.

2.Click to open menu and select “Create”.

3.Select Python and type any title you want to give it.

4.Click on create.

5.Left side is files, in middle you can code and if you click on “Run” it will show you the results of right side (console).

Pycharm (recommended)

Go to the Pycharm website with button on the first section or button down below and follow the guides:

1. Click on download.

2. Hover over community version and click on  download and it will start downloading, then install it.

3. Run the program the click on file, “new project”.

4. Type the name and location of your project then click create.

5. on left side you can see the files and on right and middle are coding area if you want to run your code, click on run section then click on run and choose the file you want to run.

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this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave comment.

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