What is the programing?

Let’s start this with example think you  have a genie that can do what are you say to it but there is one problem here that genie have special language he can’t understand English or another languages, this genie is your computer. It’s do what ever you want but you need to speak with it. This speak language called programming (languages).

We have many programming languages for instance HTML, CSS, Javascript, python, java, php, .Net ….

Every one of them is using for couple of things you can’t learn just one language and do everything in every field of computer science for example we use  HTML for creating a specific part of site like text, heading….

Where is the best for learn programming

Look! I want to be honest with you the best way to learn programming is this site made by Indian guy if you don’t know yet! Indian guys are king in the programming field.

I tried another ways like watching youtube vids … but this site is amazing, they learn you the most popular languages in the world then they take an exam from you (to make sure that, you learn it well)

Basics of programming

Lets learn some basic things that you need before you want to learn  any programming languages without this basic knowledge you going to bord because you have no idea what there are talking about.


string is text, in python you can build string with quotes. for example if i want to show (my name is Erfan) i am going to write one line of code:

print(“my name is Erfan”)

“my name is Erfan” is string, you may ask: why are you add *print*? in python *print* uses for showing things in console.


Values are similar to icons in operation system in representing what’s equal to.

You can set number or strings in values for instance:

Value (name of value you want)  = ‘TEXT’ or (numbers)

Name = ‘Erfan’ in python

var name = ‘Erfan’ in javascript


you can type numbers without any extra thing (string extra thing is ‘ ‘) just type it.

For instance:

Value = 1

Print(1) in python

Console.log(1) in javascript

Which language to start with ?

It depend on work you want to do for example if you want to be web developer I recommend  you start with HTML then CSS  then javascript.

I personally started with python ,python is my first programming language.

but if you want my mind the javascript is the father so start with that.

 I hope you guys enjoyed of this blog and it was useful for you, if you have any question you can contact me.

Dying language what is that means ?

Some programming languages are dying so do research to know at this time that you reading this text which language is most using when I’m say one language is dying means its uses less than others, it doesn’t mean that language is useless..


Keep in mind that I’m not instructor or teacher may some of things I forgot to say or I thought for beginning that’s not necessary. And this isn’t tutorial this blog is for have something in your mind about programming.


This Blog Is Written By Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed of reading this blog! feel free to leave comment.


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