Hello everyone, I hope you are having great time, so you are got interested into world of programming and coding, or maybe you want to be a hacker or something like that. If you watched some movie about hacking or cybersecurity or watched some cool Tiktok about coding (10 seconds of it), then decided to be programmer or hacker, it’s not easy as it seems I’ll explain it to you in next section. According to Wikipedia “Computer programming is the process of performing particular computations usually by designing and building executable computer programs”. Now you know what the programming is, you should read the next section and decide, if you would be happy to adopt programming and coding as full time job or as a hobby or you would write ten lines of code and get bored of it.

Do you really want to code?

Now lets discuss about the programmer in real life and what you see on tiktok or movies. In movies hacker are staring at the ceiling of their room and type bunch of things then suddenly they’ve hacked into super secure server, that is ridiculous. The real coder would spend hours upon hours to debug your code (if you are swift language user, good luck with debugging) then you finally run it and finger cross it will be perfect program or tool for you. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to discourage you from becoming a successful programmer, but I should give you the reality check and warn you that this path for those who have real passion for coding is a heaven and for others that by watching something or hearing something hyped up to be big hacker or coder, sitting on chair for hours and spending hours to resolve a problem in your code or debugging would be a true nightmare for them.


How to start?

If you are ok with things that I’ve said, congratulation you are now mentally prepared to be a programmer. But how to start? First of all you should choice a programming language to start with, my recommendation is Python, you can start with any language that you want, for example you could start with C++ but problem is it is complicated for beginners and its uses are restricted. On other side you could learn Python that is beginner friendly and has lots of uses in lots of aspects of programming, If you want to learn Python, click on the button down below so you can start your first lesson. One thing that you should keep in mind, your first language would be the hardest one after you understand the concepts of programming language, the other languages would be much more easier to learn (expect languages like HTML and CSS).


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