Most Expensive Dogs (Part2)​

top 5 most expensive dogs (part2)

in this blog we going to take a look at the 5 most expensive dogs (part2) . dogs are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world and they are best friend of humans too!

5. Chinese Crested Hairless

this dog is originally from China , value of this dog is around $5,000 this breed has two kind one that hairless and another one that has hair, the hairless one ha soft skin like  humans this dog has several colors the Chinese Crested need food care and they are cute like other dogs.

4. Pharaoh Hound

this breed is originally from Malta, they used to hunting rabbits in island, value of this dog is around $6,500. life spend of this dog is 12 to 14 years this dog is alert and intelligent. this breed available in cheese nut and dark colors. 

Most Expensive Dogs (Part2)​ | Pharaoh-Hound

3. Canadian Eskimo Dog

they used to hunting, this breed is originally form Siberia but they took them to north America the price tag of this breed is $7,200 the Canadian Eskimo Dogs are look like wolf but they are cute, there coat protect them from extreme cold weather and this dog need a lot of exercise everyday.

Most Expensive Dogs (Part2)​ | Canadian-Eskimo-Dog

2. Tibetan mastiff

you can find this breed in Nepal , India , Tibet and Mongolia. this dog has fluffy coat and protect sheep from wild animals like wolves , wild dogs , leopards and even bear! this breed has life spend about 10-14 years, you can buy Tibetan Mastiff around $5,00 to $9,00 one of the puppies of this breed sold for $1,600,000.

Most Expensive Dogs (Part2)​ | Tibetan-mastiff

1. Lowchen

the Lowchens are easily  sold for more than $10,000 that makes them most expensive dog breed. they are agile , obedient and competitive by nature they life spend is 12-14 years this dogs are  sweet and playful and come with  lots of colors they can be in hand size too.(they are generally small but not in size of the hand)

Most Expensive Dogs (Part2)​ | Lowchen

this was blog for most expensive dogs hope you enjoyed!

this blog written by erfan samadi

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