Mustang Mach-E

in the previous blog i introduce Mach-E but i just give you some super basic things about this car in this blog i’m going to go deeper and discuss more things about it.

first of all i haven’t driven Mach-e and i’m just see some videos and do research about this car so this information is bot personal experience.


This car is one of the beautiful cars just look at those lights of mustang front lights are makes you crazy and back lights are like insane with Mach-E you don’t have door handle and this think is makes car more gorgeous.

I don’t forgot that beautiful black pony in front!

March-E Appearance
March-E Appearance


With Mach-E you have mount of storage. this Mustang is electric so you have 400 liters storage space in back and 100 liters space in the front of your car. 

you have 500 liters storage space! keep in mind you can get back seats down then you have more storage space!

Mach-E Storage
Mach-E Storage

shape and weight

The weight of this car is 40,000 pound (18,143 Kg ) witch is good for car in this size.

in front of car you have no grid air the reason is to improve aerodynamic but in down of that  you have active aero vent ( controls the air entry), and for aerodynamic you don’t have door handle.

Mach-E Shape And Weight

how to open your car?

As i said Mustang Mach-E don’t have door handle if you want to open your door you should have your key or phone car going to open doors automatic when you have these two but if you don’t have key and your phone is out of battery don’t worry! there is numbers between doors window in driver side you can enter your code and doors going to be open for you for starting your car you must enter another code.

Mach-E How To Open Your Car?

inside of the mach-e

Inside the car you have sunroof that opens complete you have display that show you google map and more… the display size is 15.5 inch that is bigger than Tesla and you have physical knob so you can change volume or do what ever you want and speed screen is around 10 inch.

Inside of the Mach-E
Inside of the Mach-E

this blog written by erfan samadi

 I hope you enjoyed of this blog feel free to leave comment.

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