Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus (Review)

Lamborghini Urus is world’s first sport SUV, This car has great interior, power and appearance. If I want to be fear, most of your money going to spent in branding (you can buy Audi with same features and power but lot more cheaper), after all this car has Lamborghini’s logo on it. It is comfortable, it means, you can do regular things like going to coffee shop or daily driving in city without having backache (other Lamborghini cars offers you ride with backache in the end of the day.

Lamborghini Urus appearance

If you want a car that has aggressive look and gets a lot of compliment, you should buy this car. In front we have Lamborghini’s headlight  with amazing grill and cool vents, in back we have beautiful backlights and super cool exhaust. How can i describe this car? it is Lamborghini everyone knows that this company produces  great cars in the world with unique appearance.

Lamborghini Urus


Interior of this car has Lamborghini’s signature, I mean some of features looks like it comes from alien spaceship. As i said, the seats in this car is comfortable, with four seats i can assure you, this car is family sport car. You get driver display, which is capable to show offroad information, please  do not tell me you want to go offroad with this car. first of all this is Lamborghini it is not build tough, second this is sport car car raptor). other features you get is: Special start button, if you want to go backward you should pull the massive transmission (located in the top of  start button) that makes the car look like spaceship and I like it.

Lamborghini Urus


This car uses 4 L bi-turbocharged V8 engine which makes 650 HP. All of these means that, this car can goes 0 to 100 Km (0 to 62 mile) in 6.2 seconds. Top speed of this car is 300 Km/h (186 mile/h)



You can buy this car from $232,000.

Lamborghini Urus

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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