Kuchisake Onna

The Kuchisake Onna legend

The Kuchisake Onna is one of the most famous ghost of Japan. As you can see from title she slit the mouth of her victims, but how she choose her victims or how she do this to them and why she do this? In this blog I will explain this legend, If you have some more information or personal experience please write down in the comments!

The Kuchisake Onna: am I beautiful!?

Lets go to the exciting part of This ghost or legend, The Kuchisake Onna is attractive lady that wears surgery mask. She ask you a question “Am I pretty?” If you say no she will stab you with scissor, if you say yes, she will remove her mask and you will see she is face.  Someone slit her mouth from ear to ear, and she ask you again “Am I pretty?” if you try to run she will appear in front of you, you can not runaway from her only thing you can say is “yes”. If you say “no” she will kill you, but if you say “yes” she will slit your mouth to be like her and then she disappears.

Kuchisake Onna

Is there way to survive?

As I mentioned before you can survive but you will have slit mouth for rest of your life. But there is a way to survive without having any scar, the moment she take her mask off you should stay calm and answer the question “ you are fine. Average.” Then give her gift, it can be candy or anything. This is the only way that you may can survive without harm, but keep this in your mind she is just a legend and story no more.  I hope you enjoy from this Japanese legend story and do not forget to leave a comment.

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed of reading this blog! feel free to leave comment.

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