Japanese Akita Vs American Akita

Japanese Akita and American Akita differences

Some people call Japanese Akita as Akita and American Akita. Some people call American Akita, Akita and another Akita, Japanese Akita, Some people like myself call Japanese Akita, Akita inu and American Akita , Akita. But the best way to call them is Japanese Akita for Japanese version and American Akita for American version.


The history of Akita is went to hundreds years ago, in that time Akita dogs was much smaller than today’s Akitas, This dog founded in Japan. They were specially skilled to hunting bears or defending against wolves as well as protecting rich people’s wealth. So far we know that Japanese Akita is the original Akita, but if you mix this breed with German Shepherd and made the new version of This breed named American Akita. American Akita can be 72 cm tall and have 59 Kg weight, in the other side Akita inu has 60 cm tall and 50 Kg weight. You can find American Akita with lots of combination of colors but for the Japanese Akita it is limited to red and white or pure white. American version has more German Shepherd look like head but Japanese one has more fox look like head.

Japanese Akita Vs American Akita
Japanese Akita Vs American Akita


In this field both of them are similar but have little bit difference. American Akita is  alert, friendly, courageous and dignified. Japanese Akita is loyal, independent, confident, reserved and both of them are very intelligent dogs. These dogs are not the right ones for first time owners because of independent thinking and strong character, which make them hard to train


You can buy Akita puppy from $600 to $2000 , but I recommend you to get the adult Akita ( don’t separate the puppy from its mother), if you buy the Adult Akita you do not have to train it because it is already trained (I have never seen adult dog for sale without passing the training sessions).

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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