Idioms of Crypto Market

learn the crypto market idioms

Why should you learn the Crypto Market Idioms? The answer to this question is simple, If you want to enter the crypto or any market you should first learn the idioms used by people in that market. These idioms helps you to simply learn that market’s language and communicate with them easily, So if you want to learn them read this article till the end.

crypto market idioms

I am going to categorize the idioms in two parts, The basic part and the advanced part. Make sure that you read these carefully, specially if you are new to the market and have no idea about this market.


Market Whales: people who has lots of assets of that market and could impact the market by selling their assets. (for bitcoin market: who has more than 10,000 bitcoin)

The market is bearish: The market is descending

The market is bullish: The market is ascending

The market is Range: The market neither is ascending or descending

Base: Between the two ascending trend or descending trend which price is in the rest.

Mooning, to the moon, when Lambo! price is on the rocket: When prices are ascending fast and they braking all of the resistance lines.

ATH: it is brief of all time high, the highest price that currency or stock has experienced.

ATL: it is brief of all time low, the lowest price that currency or stock has experienced.

Price is pumping: When price has high levels of ascend.

Price is dumping: When price has high levels of descend.

Price is Jumping: When price breaks the resistance line.

Price is crashing: When price goes down really bad and really fast.

Market Cap: Amount of stocks, multiplied by price of one stock.

Total supply of currency or stock: the total amount of that currency or stock. (for bitcoin: it is 20 million)

Circulating supply: Amount of supply that trades on the market.

Market Liquidity: Volume of trads.

No coiner: The person who has no coin or asset in the market.

FOMO (fear of mission out): When you do not buy the currency or stock till it gets to the highest point and then you buy it in the wrong time and you lose your money (psychological term of that).

DX: Decentralize exchange

TP: target point

SL: Stop lost

Spot trading: you trade with your money (with amount of money that you have)

Future trading: you trade over the amount of money that you have

This is the Part 1 of the Crypto market Idioms, The other parts will be in separated parts which I link them in down below.


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this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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