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HTML introduction

Hi, my name is Erfan, and I will teach you the HTML in the series of articles. First of all you should know the proper HTML introduction. HTML stand for Hyper Text Markup language, for example all of the links and the pictures on this page are on the html code. This language is the foundation of this website, Let me put it in this way, imagine website is a building the structure of this building is HTML the door and walls and interior design is CSS and the pipe lines are the Java script (I am going to explain the CSS and Java script in another blog, do not worry about that for now).

This markup language describes the purpose of text. We use it to build a website, page, some video games. Now I will introduce you to the needed tools. You can use the Visual Studio Code for offline program (I recommend this) or online browser based, code editors like StackBlitz. You can get both of them on the buttons down below.

Installing the needed tools

Stack Blitz

If you want to use the Stack Blitz, click on the button, then you will see this picture, the right side is what user could see on the website. In the left side you can choose between coding languages and in the middle is where you put your code in there.


Visual Studio Code

Click on the Visual Studio Code button ( on HTML Introduction section), then download the version that is compatible with your operation system. After installing it, open the program and click on the open folder or choose the file and click on the open folder. Then create folder in any drives that you want and select that folder in this case, I create a folder named “HTML lessons”. After you opened it click on explorer on the left side and then click on the folder and choose the new file, name it what ever you want I named it “html_lesson1” but you should add “.html” to the end of it, so this program could recognize it as a HTML file.

If you want to see the what your code will look like you need to install the “live server” extension. Click on the extension on the left side, then search “live server” and install it. In order to see the responsive page, right click on the html file that you created in explorer, then click on the “open with Live Server”.

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this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave comment.

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