HTML Body tags

HTML Body tags (p1)

Hello everyone! In this episode of HTML tutorials, I am going to teach you the HTML Body tags. Before we get into it, If you do not know where should you write your code or you do not have know the HTML head tags please check out the previous episodes. 

HTML Body tags are the most important tags for a user or viewer of your website. What you write in “<body>” tag, It will appear on the page.

Text tags

Text tags are the most useful tags of HTML Body tag, The first text tag is header, but what is a header? Header is the title of paragraph for example the title of this paragraph is “Text Tags”. Now that you understand the meaning of header lets create a header in html, type “<H1><H1/>” between the start and end tags you can put header’s content. H1 is the first header and most important one, H2 is the second header and less important than H1, it goes till H6.

Lets talk about the paragraph, If you want to code a paragraph in HTML you should type”<p><p/>”. Paragraphs are the containers that could contain the long texts and sentences.

You can change the style of the text by some codes of HTML. But I do not recommend it, the style codes are should be written by CSS not the HTML. Anyway, if you put the text between “<big><big/>” it will make it bigger, use the “<small><small/>” and make it smaller, “<b><b/>” will bold the word or letter and “<i><i/>” makes it italic. (pictures down below)

visual dividers

The two main dividers that you should learn is the horizontal line and break, break puts the front content into new line. Type “<hr>” and you get a horizontal line divider or user “<br/>” to get a break divider. 

dividing sections

This Dividers are not visual (do not have visual impacts), They just makes your code to look clean and easy to read. You can divide the HTML Body with “<header><header/>” put your site’s header code in here, “<main><main/>” your main content  and codes and “<footer><footer/>” footer of your website. (picture down below)

We use the “<section><section/>” to divide parts in the header, footer and main, like you see on the picture down below. You can give “id” to any tag that you want (I will tell you why further in CSS lessons after completing the HTML), for now just know that you can type “id=”type any id that you want””.

And the Last essential divider for you is “<article><article/>” you can use it to write an article (it would contain multiple “section” divider into itself). For instance: picture down below.

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this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave comment.

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