How to code in 2023

How to code in 2023

You want to start coding in 2023 but you ask yourself how to code in 2023? Well, I got the answer, Before we start you should know the couple of fundamental things about programming languages. programming languages are similar to speaking languages there are hard and easy ones. But if you learn one the others would be much more easier to learn, with this in mind lets start our coding journey.

which language suite you?

You are new to coding and you want to learn to code, therefore you search in internet and you see lots and lots of coding languages, you get confuse and less motivated to start your journey. There is simple solution for this problem, the solution is start to learn Python, It is beginner friendly and easy to learn. Python is the recommended language for beginners but if you insist on other languages to be your startup language, I would recommend you to learn Javascript. Why Javascript you might say, the reason is you could learn HTML and CSS along side with it and start the web development career.

How to code in 2023

How to learn Python

If you want to learn Python I have made articles about How to learn Python from scratch, Or simply search on Youtube and enjoy the amazing free tutorials over there. For learning any programming language you will need some tools for example for Python you would need to download the latest version of Python and download the Pycharm (optional). If you want to learn multiple language at once (which I do not recommend) or learning Javascript, the visual studio code would be suitable for you. At the end remember that you can not learn to code by just watching the tutorials on internet you should put it on action and write code by yourself (for example do small projects).

How to code in 2023

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