Create your own Website

Can you build your own website?

Hi, My name is Erfan. I’m here to help you to build your own website without coding, Yes you do not need to write even one line of code and you can build your own website. There is lots of  free open-source softwares, Which one should you consider to use?

Step 1: buying domain and host

If you know what is the domain and host is and how you can buy it, I recommend you to skip this step.

Domain: your website needs domain, so what is domain? domain is the identification of your website and if you type it in the URL, it would link you to your website. For example my site’s domain is, and you can enter to my website with typing that in the URL of your browser, But how do buy it? just search it in your browser.

Host: host is computer or other device that connected to computer network, let me put it in this way, imagine that you want to build a house first of all you should  buy a land (domain) then you should buy materials (host) in order to build your house. You can buy host or server depends on type of your website, exp: for personal website host can do the job for you, for shopping website with lots of traffic it is better to buy sever. Also there is free host too!!

Create your own Website

Step 2: choosing your website builder

In previous step I said domain is land and host is material. Website builder is your engineer, some of website builder softwares are WordPress, Wix, Web, Gator, Zyro, Squarespace and Elementor for WordPress. I personally use Elementor, pages of this site made by Elementor. Most of the sites are WordPress websites including my website, you maybe asking but how am I going to install website builder on my host. You can search on youtube and install it yourself (please do this) or contact your host’s company and ask them to do it for you. If you are using the Elementor I encourage you to install Astra template too (it will give you cool free templates).

Create your own website

This Blog Is Written By Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed of reading this blog! feel free to leave comment.

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Mahyar Samadi
Mahyar Samadi
2 years ago

Hi Erfan, you have created a wonderful site. Congratulations. I hope you are always successful

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