Home Workout

Home Workout

Which creator makes the best Home Workout videos? What is the cons and pros of working out at home? Before we found the answers, we should understand the conditions. You decide to workout at home, maybe you don’t like the gym environment or you don’t have access to gym or any other reason. You should keep in mind that working out at home is not like a gym and keeping consistent routine for workout is harder (according to my and other people experience). The bright side is it’s less time consuming (usually) and you are more comfortable (you can wear pajamas haha).

Gym or Home Workout

You are at gym lifting heavy weights, doing squad with heavy weights, then I ask you are you strong? You probably would answer me “Yes” but we have two types of strength, the absolute and relative. The person that doing really amazing bench presses, maybe don’t be good at hard push ups, If you want to increase your strength you should work on both and it has nothing to do with being in gym or home, its not about the place it’s about the kind of workout that you do. Just keep in mind that you could improve yourself in anywhere, you just need to have constancy on your workout. Down below I’ve explained the relative and absolute strength.

Home workout

Absolute and Relative Strength

Absolute strength is about the weight, How much weight can you pull or push, it has measured by weight that is why we call it absolute. Some people think relative strength and endurance are same things which is not, endurance is about the time that you could hold your force on something but relative strength is about your strength compare to your body weight. For example if you’ve done 90 degree angle hold you developed good amount of relative strength but you won’t be able to do the same move if you develop endurance. However when you lift heavy weight you do not just work on your absolute strength, you are increasing your absolute more than you relative strength same goes for more relative focused moves.

How to start?

There are lots of good creators that would guide you how to do proper Home Workout, I’ve linked some of my recommended creators such as Next Workout, Chris Heria… down below. Keep in mind before you start your workout it is really important to do proper warm up to prevent injury (especially when you do high demanding exercises) then you can start your workout and enjoy having a healthy body which is stronger and has better immune system than it has before.

Home workout

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