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Do it just do it

do you want to have nice body without belly and with mussel?

so you come to the right place but keep in mind you should never give up in this path I know it’s going to be hard but it going to make you person that made of platinum , it doesn’t matter if you have huge belly if you never give up and go all the way you going to be platinum, replace want with will and start this way just go all the way!

what do you need to know

there is some information i want to give you before we start.

keep in mind you can’t build you body in one night building body require a patient and hard working so get ready to do it, keep in mind no pain no gain so when you feel you want to give up think about something you want to build and keep going believe me at the end when you see your body in front of mirror you will say ” worth it”.

working out

first of all let me clear you somethings, I’m not professional but this program works on me and other people i see. 

you don’t need to go to gem for working out you can build your body in your house! you need ABS app (you need to search in app store or play store) and then need just two dumbbells! 

lets see what part’s of body we want to working on: we want to work on ABS , legs , arms , shoulders and chest.

I’m going to give you program for work out but keep in mind if you want to have program that fit with your body go and see professional person.

in this program I’m just told you to which day work on which mussel. (you can search to see movement for that mussel)  

first day:  in the first day we going to work on chest (20 or 50 or 100 push up per/day depends on your body) , front arm mussel with dumbbells

second day: ABS (with ABS app that you install on your phone) ,  behind arm mussel (with dumbbells) 

third day: legs (like ABS it has app just search it) , shoulders (with dumbbells)

my recommendation is you workout one day and rest tomorrow of that day.

do you need diets?

I’m not sure that diets are good or bad because i never test any diets but i’m pretty sure if you test a one that bad diets ( one of them give you more less energy ) your body going to be crazy after sometime ( i saw it on some of friends ) so make sure professional person write your diet and always work out in my mind best things to loss weight is working out (it’s magical) 

this blog written by erfan samadi

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Erfan Samadi