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browse safely (basics)

Browse safely, the chance that you have heard this phrase multiple of times on the internet is high. So do you know the deep meaning of safety when you do browsing on the internet? Do you know that most of the websites or apps that you use every single day in your life gather your personal data, from where you live to what you like and want. It maybe sound like scary to you and it should scare you, cause you give a lot of information about yourself to websites and popular apps,  good news is you can prevent some of them by using some extensions on your web browser or by using an another app, and the bad news is if you want to prevent the apps to gather your personal information you should take some crucial steps which I do not talk about it in this Blog. This Blog will teach you to how browse safely on internet.

Before we get into it please keep in mind that these content are just for the knowledge and learning aspects, I do not encourage anyone to use these for their own advantage on illegal works and I have nothing to do with them.

browse safely : pros and cons

Like I have said, I only teach you methods to browse safely on websites and browser engines and these things do not work or only protect some of your personal information, like location. Each methods has some pros and cons to it. There are three methods two of them slows your internet connection speed little bit or vastly down but It will give a ultimate protection, there is a relation between your connection speed and level of protection. 

DuckDuckGo (Level 1)

Browse safely

If you want to browse safely and you only want to prevent the websites form using cookies and you do not want to hide your location. This is the best Level for you you can install DuckDuckGo extension on chrome or use incognito mode (private browsing mode). Please keep in mind that DuckDuckGo is an engine (search engine) which provide you with more  safety compare to other search engines, it is free and it does not require any kind of payment for you to use it.

VPNs (Level 2)

Browse safely

If you want to browse safely with a new IP, VPNs are suitable for you. What is VPN? VPN (virtual private network) changes your IP, If you do not know what is an IP (internet protocol) means, think it as ID (identity document) of you in the internet. For example lets say my IP is , this digits are shows Erfan Samadi’s (me) IP, VPN will take this IP and changes to another one for example it changes to sarah’s IP (depends on what kind of VPN you use it can uses by multiple people or just be for you) and now when I browse on the internet, it do not recognize me as Erfan, so it can not use cookies or recognize my real location or other data. Please keep in mind that good VPNs are not free and some of cons is it little bit slows your internet connection (it is just a little bit not much), and if you want to do something illegal (you should not do it at first place) government agents could still track you.

TOR (Level 3)

Browse safely

If you want to browse safely and have access to dark and deep web with level 3 of protection TOR browser is the right thing for you. How TOR browser work? It changes your IP address like the VPN but the difference between these two is TOR changes your IP address three times and gives you a high level of protection (and encrypting your messages three times compare to one time of VPN). TOR made by America’s Navy force so like the VPN government agents could track you but it takes some time (do not do illegal things), TOR is completely free to download and use but it slows your internet connection.

Multiple (Level 4)

If you want to browse safely and have really almost god level of protection this stage is for you. Use DuckDuckGo and multiple VPN connections and TOR browser at the same time, and you will be fine from anyone it makes impossible for someone to stole your data even for government agents takes time to determine your location.

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave comment.

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