first residents of Canda

Before the European people Asian people were living in Canada.

In the north of Canada people were hunting the seals and blue whale… , in the west they hunts bear, deer and hippopotamus the fishing was in their activity too , in the east farming , finally  in the center hunting buffalo .

European immigration to Canada

The first European people that came to Canada was Vikings but because of the disagreement and wars with Canadian people they left the Canada. In the 15th century in 1497, the king of the England at that time hired John Cabot (Italian navigator) and send him to Newfoundland , between the 1534 and 1536 Jacques Cartier(French explorer) came to Canada he heard Canadian people saying “Kanata” word in their language means village , he decide to call that land Canada.

In 1604 Samuel de Champlain (French navigator) stablished the Port Royal in Nova Scotia, in 1608 he build the Quebec city, in 1642 France stablished the Montreal city this was new colony named “New France”.

In 1610 Henry Hudson (English explorer)  stablished the Hudson Bay city afterward Thomas James stablished the James Bay city , in 1629 the English people occupy the Quebec and started the disagreement between them and French people on the skin of animals , in 1713 England occupy the Newfoundland and Hudson.

France vs England and adventures of Canada

In 1763 after seven years of war(1763_1756) between England and France , England in Paris conclude forced France to give all of the colonies to England, but England let the French people to stay in the Quebec city, they still could have catholic religion, in 1775 Canada has 90,000 people.

In 1775 when the revolution of America begins the America sends the help request to French people in Canada but French guys show no interest, the U.S army entered to Canada and occupy the Montreal, they tried to occupy the Quebec but failed, in 1776 they retreat to America, afterward 40,000 Americans that be loyal to England immigrate to Canada.

In 1791 George Vancouver stablished the Vancouver, Alexander Mckenzie registered the Mckenzie river.

In 19th century the population of Canada growing up and people dissatisfaction  about the government the rebels  begin but England suppression it and killed the leaders.

independence of Canada

In 1867 three big colonies of England (Canada, New Brunswick,Nova Scosia)  joined together and create Canada Dominion then Canada set the capital to Ottawa.

In 1981 in order of 2th Queen Elizabet permission was granted to separate the constitution from Britain. history of Canada

word war 1 and world war 2

In the word war 1 Canada because of England entered to war and lost 60,000 Canadians and it cost was the disagreement between English and French people, in 1916 Canada allow women to vote yeahhhh!

But sadly the Quebec was the only city that women can’t vote, finally in 1940 Quebec women allow to vote they get what they deserved, like other countries Canada after word war 1 had horrible economy but when the word war 2 started in 1939 it’s stoped.

Before of word war 2 in the Balfour Declaration Canada became one of England commonwealth, this was the big step for independent of  Canada, in 1949 Newfoundland joined to Canada, in the word war 2 Canada start war with Nazi Germany and it’s help Canada in politics views.

In 1967 a large mount of people immigrate to Canada because of war, and the “Quit revolution” in Quebec happened they were unhappy and wants some changes.

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