Fix bugs in programming

Fix bugs in programming

You coding a program, this is one of your first projects and you never ever try out project, you only code on tutorial and really excited to make your first functional project. In process you run into problem, you try to fix bugs by yourself, it takes too much time and finally you get frustrated.

There is a solution for this problem and most of bugs that you ran into in coding are already have been solved by someone, you just need to find it. But Where? This is why this Blog titled Fix bugs in programming, stay with me and I show you where you should go.

Google search and Youtube

The first sources that you should go to is the google search engine, you could find the most of your answers in here. If you want to find your answer quicker and do not waste your time, install Grepper extension, It will help you to find the answer way more quicker than other methods, you just need to search the problem and it would pop up on top of your browsing app. If there is no answer in Grepper and you found the answer please write it on Grepper, so you can help out other programmers that would have the same problem as you.
Youtube is one of other incredible sources, The chances that you get your bug fixed from Youtube if that problem is advanced and not used very often is low. But for Things in coding that used very often Youtube is the best source, In continuation I introduce you to other methods to fix bugs in programming.

Fix bugs in programming

Reddit, Quora, Chat GPT

You have tried the above methods but you did not find anything related to your problem Try the Chat GPT, you just need to copy and paste your code and it will start to resolve your bugs. At the end it would give you the debugged form of your code. Or if you want to ask people you could ask users in Reddit or Quora or any kind of platform that is based on question and answer (QA), usually you find experienced coders in these platforms. I hope I have been able to help you to fix bugs in your programming language.

Fix bugs in programming

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this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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