Dark Souls 3

Dark souls 3 (review)

Dark souls 3 is one of the Dark souls series which is one of the most challenging video games series so far. it developed by FromSoftware company. If you like to play game that makes you to quite or even delete the game several times, I think dark souls is for you. In this blog, I am going to talk about dark souls 3 (latest version of dark souls games so far) and I will review it and rate it.

Story and gameplay

Dark souls 3 is gameplay based game, so we do not expect fantastic story from these type of games. For this kind of games, it has acceptable story line but we can not compare it with story based games like Beyond: two souls. The whole story is, you are hero of the dark world and you should save this dark word with linking fire to yourself.

In this version of series, you have new mechanic that named  weapon art. weapon art makes gameplay better than previous versions, some times camera is not in the good position ( for example it goes into the bush and i can not see the enemy). Combat technics and difficulty is well designed, actually they did great job in this aspect, you can be like tank if you wear heavy armor and shield and big weapon or you can be something like assassin if you equip yourself with light armor and double sword. Or if you into magic and do not like close combat be mage. you can upgrade your weapons and upgrade your abilities. This game has great level up system which allow you to level up your character with your playing style.

View of the game
Dark Souls 3

How difficult the dark souls 3 is?

As I said this game is hard, but if you practice enough and spend some time in the game, it going to be easy for you. When you start the game enemies are so easy to take out but as you go deeper and deeper in the game, they will be more difficult to kill, but you can learn their pattern and kill them very easily.

gameplay of the game

Price and rate

My rate is 8/10.

you can buy this game on steam and Xbox store for $60 and on Playstation store with price tag of $80.

Dark Souls 3

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave comment.

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