Crypto Market Idioms (part2)

learn the crypto market idioms

Why should you learn the Crypto Market Idioms? The answer to this question is simple, If you want to enter the crypto or any market you should first learn the idioms used by people in that market. These idioms helps you to simply learn that market’s language and communicate with them easily, So if you want to learn them read this article till the end.

crypto market idioms (part2)

I am going to categorize the idioms in two parts, The basic part and the advanced part. Make sure that you read these carefully, specially if you are new to the market and have no idea about this market. (basic section has 2 parts)

Basics (part2)

These are the Market basic Idioms (part 2):

FUAD: fear and uncertainty and doubt, when traders are unsure to sell or buy their assets.

Call margin, Liquid, Margin call: All of these phrases mean that you lost all of your asset.

RIO: The profit that you made from your investments in the market.

PNL: Profit to lose ratio.

Maker: Who makes an order in the market.

Taker: who takes an order in the market.

Funding rate: The fee that exchanges take from you in the future trades.

KYC: Know your customer, authentication.

Alt Coins: Every coin expect the bitcoin.

Coin: Coins have their own blockchain.

Token: They use other coin’s blockchain.

Token Swap: When token creates its own blockchain.

Stable coin: these coins are stable and their price do not change, like the Tether.

Privacy coin: They are untraceable.

Utility token: We use them for utility works or advertisements.

DAPPS: Decentralize apps, apps which are in on the blockchain.

NFT: none fungible tokens.

HODL: holding an asset.

Portfolio: All of your assets.

Portfolio manager: The person who manages your Portfolio.

Cryptofolio: all of  your assets in the crypto market.

Recovery Phrases: your wallet’s recovery Phrases.

Public Key: your wallet’s public key.

Private key: your wallet’s private key.

Staking: rent the coin or token.

These are the Crypto Market Idioms (part2) in the next Part I will go to the advanced idioms of market.

If you want to see the part 1 please click on the button down below.

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this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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