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Greatest Programmers

greatest programmers

greatest programmers in the world programmer word that you hear everywhere but you don’t realize that this people have changed our life, we can’t imagine this world without them, they are heros in real life.  Dennis Ritchie Dennis was an American computer scientist who created the C programming language with help of Ken Thompson. He …

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Biggest Dogs

biggest dogs

top 10 biggest dogs in the world in this blog I’m going to talk about top 10 biggest dogs in the world some of them are in guinneess book record and all of them are huge and heavy so take a look at the list next 5 is on the next blog. 10. Lizzie Lizzie …

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Area 51

Area 51

Top secret , Area 51 One of the most top secret areas on the world ! no one knows what is going on in this area but we going to look at some of the things that leak out of this area and we going to guess if they are fake or real. location of …

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