Zenvo TSR-s

Zenvo TSR-s

Zenvo TSR-s made by Zenvo company. Zenvo Automotive is a Danish sports car manufacturer located in Præstø on the Danish island of Zealand. It was founded by Troels Vollertsen, and the name ‘Zenvo’ is derived from a combination of the last 3 and first 2 letters in his last name. Zenvo Automotive was founded in 2004.

Zenvo TSR-s Car

Zenvo TSR-s is a masterpiece that can compete with Bugatti cars . Let’s talk about the exterior first, Just look at the front-end it designed to eat other cars like a cheese. It has a really big intake that can take all of the air toward radiator and cool that hot, but it is also for helping you in the high speeds by providing you the down force. then we have those gorgeous and aggressive looking headlights, all of the things (vents, scoop …) are functional, Zenvo TSR-s has nothing fake on it. I admire the amount of carbon fiber they used on this car (there is lots of carbon fiber parts on this car). I save the best for last, This car has a huge wing on the back and it is not any regular wing, it is special wing, it has two shocks on each side and if you break or turn the wing moves to support you with maximum down force.

What about the interior of Zenvo TSR-s? Like I said they used lot of carbon fiber on this car, you have carbon fiber seats, carbon fiber dash, carbon fiber shifts ect… There is high quality fabrics on the interior to provide you the most comfortable experience. Only down side of this car is its infotainment system they used Ipad pro instead of display that sticks out like a sore thumb (Why Zenvo? Why?) and there is another thing that I do not take it as a down side and that is there is no back window but you have back cameras (you do not need back window on race car). 

Zenvo TSR-s
Zenvo TSR-s


Zenvo TSR-s comes with twin supercharged 5.8 Liter V 8 engine with 811 Ib-ft of torque which is capable of producing 1,200 horse power, It has 20 inch front wheels and 21 inch rear wheels. With all of these it can goes 0 to 100 Km in 2.6 seconds and reach top speed of  325 Km/h. I could not find any information about the fuel economy of this car, If you that rich that you want to buy this car fuel economy should be not one of your concerns anyway!


You can buy Zenvo TSR-s around CA $2,480,550. If you want to buy this car please click on the button down below.

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