BMW X1 2021 review

BMW X1 Review

BMW X1 made by BMW, BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is German company which is manufacturing lots of great Germany cars. This company is well known for its amazing cars, they sell their cars world wise and has net worth of $112.8B.


Lets start from the headlights, we have LED headlight design and we have gorgeous day time running lamps, I really love the turn signals shape. And BMW without those famous grill is like ordering ice cream but they gave you the ice! These grills are huge and functional, But wait we have functional side air curtain (unlike the some other cars that is not functional! You know what am I talking about). When we go down we have flat silver that makes the car look better. How you can look at the hood of this car and do not like it? BMW X1 has wrapped hood (It fills space between grill and flat hood) I really like that design.

In the back of the car I am not going to lie we do not have special thing it is just a simple SUV’s back. We have taillight, well designed backlight and cool exhaust pipe (one in the each side).


Interior of BMW X1 has lots of options for example you can have the leather interior witch cost you a little bit or wood trip is another of this optional things. You get the 8.8 inch display (horizontal) but we have analog driver display with the digital display in the inside, heated seats, 12 volt , 2 cup holders, USBC. Now lets talk about the transmission, BMW X1 has 8 speed automatic transmission (includes sport mode) it comes with BMW idrive controller, and you get electric handbrake which I am not big fan of that ( I really like the classic handbrake , the classic ones reduces the feedback time I believe, and you are able to drift!!!). despite of all of those you get full panoramic sunroof, that’s great!


When it comes to the performance, we can say BMW X1 is the normal car. It comes with 2.0L flat 4 cylinder engine which is capable to produces 228 HP, It can goes 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds and reach the top speed of 210 Km/h, BMW X1 has 19 inch wheels, fuel economy: 10 in the city, 7.7 in the highway and 9.2 combined.


You can buy BMW X1 with the price tag of CA$39,990 (without any extra options) which is fair compare to the other SUVs in

the market. If you want to know more or consider to buy this car please click on the link below.

BMW X1 info and purchase

This Blog Is Written By Erfan Samadi

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