BMW 8 series

BMW 8 series 2021 reveiw

BMW 8 series made by BMW, BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is German company which is manufacturing lots of great Germany cars. This company is well known for its amazing cars, they sell their cars world wise and has net worth of $112.8B.


This car has sporty look and It is long car. The reason I said that this car is sporty is because of its carbon roof and muscle look. BMW 8 series is a coupe car, everything about the appearance looks sporty. I really like that little spoiler that pop out from the back of the car, like the other versions of the BMW cars we have that lovely famous grills of this company. This car has a really good design, vents placement is excellent, headlights and back lights are awesome, But there is some problems about this car. The vents are fake so there are not functional and the exhaust is sort of fake, exhaust is functional but if you look at the pictures more acurrately you will find out that they are normal.

BMW 8 series
BMW 8 series


When it comes to interior of the car, BMW cars has great job on it. BMW 8 series is not an exception. BMW has its own map, but I recommend you to use the google map instead of BMW’s map. You have the electric control for steering wheel, one of the great features about the interior of the car is the comfortable seats, sometimes you can not have them in the cars, even in the high-end cars (Lamborghini, ect…). Car displays are decent, you can use them and change the setting of the car (lightning, air conditioner, ect…), But there is a problem with driver digital display, It is dark! And it does not show you much information, BMW should really work on their driver display to improve it and make it better than ever.

BMW 8 series


BMW 8 series 2021 has 4.4 L V 8 that is capable of producing 523 HP, It has 20 inch wheels. With all of this it can goes 0 to 100 Km in 4 seconds and reach top speed of  250 Km/h. Fuel economy: 17 in the city, 26 in the highway and 20 combined.


You can buy BMW 8 series 2021 for CA $117,900 please remember that this is the starting price and you can add packages or other things to raise the price. If you want to know more or go head and buy this car please click the button below.

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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