Things you should not but on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the best events of entire year, If you want to have good discount, Read this and my previous blog.

Video Consoles

In the last blog, I mentioned, Electrics are usually have good deal on them on Black Friday, But do not get me wrong. I said electrics (except consoles). Xbox series x and Playstation 5 released on November 11 and November 12, you might know that when next generation consoles releases, You should probably do not expect huge discount on them, So if you want to buy console at this time, It is better to hold on for now.

Video Consoles | Black Friday


If you have kid and looking for a hottest toys for your kid, Black Friday will not be your best bet, Toys have going to have high price until December.

Toys | Black Friday


 If you hold off until Black Friday to do your furniture shopping, You did such big mistake, On Black Friday you can not find good deal for furniture, The best time for these stuff is between August and September.



On Black Friday we have some discounts on vehicles, But the best time for this kind of purchase is the following month, If you buy your new car on Christmas eye, you get good discount(up to 8 percent discount).

Vehicles | Black Friday

Holiday Decoration

Last year we had good discounts on holiday decoration, But the best time  for buy any seasonal item is after or in the end of the season. Best deals should start at the end of the December and January.

Holiday Decoration | Black Friday


If you planning to buy high-end watches or expensive jewelry with diamond on it, Maybe this is not the right time, Some report says 33 percent of jewelry purchases on December and November are not at the biggest discount of year. Some diamond are 25 percent more expensive on November than March.

jewelry | Black Friday

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