best gifts for men

best gifts for men

Hello everyone! this is the 5 best gifts for men. When it comes to men, you can buy them simple gifts and make them happy, it is easy. hope you enjoy!


Fragrances is one of the best gifts for men, because men are usually do not buy a lot of fragrances and half of them do not care about the smell of fragrance. They just want to smell good!



This gift is absolutely one of the best gifts for men. As man I want to suggest you to do not buy graphical socks, some of men, like me do not like them, so do not take risk.



It does not matter if individual is smoker or non-smoker. Lighters are always useful, if he goes for camping he will need it. beside of this in regular days if you want to burn something or heat something it comes handy.

best gifts for men

pocket Knife

The Pocket Knife is not for everyone, but it can be one of the best gifts for men. like the lighter it is one of the things you should carry in your pocket. It is useful, for instance for self defense or slide something like fruit and…( keep in mind that maybe some of men would not like this gift)

best gifts for men

nice Wallet

Nice wallet is one of the best gifts for men, but if he has nice leather wallet, do not give him another one. Men are usually do not need two wallets. After you make sure he do not have wallet. I recommend you to buy him small wallet which is easier to carry.

Nice wallet

Nice Watch

All of men love watches and it makes watches one of the best gifts for men. But some of them are complaining about how heavy are the watches, So if hes is in this category, buy him light weight watch.

best gifts for men

Water bottle

Everyone need and like the water bottle! What can i say about this gift? It is useful for everyone and in everywhere like camp, gym, house. 

Water bottle

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

 I hope you enjoyed! feel free to leave comment.

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