Artificial Intelligence cons

what is an artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or AI is an virtual or physical machine thing that could do tasks without human help. Sorry this was the best definition I could have given for an AI, AI could be as simple as a social media bot or as complicated as a human robot. I believe that we are on the edge of inventing a super genius machine that could change the world and be our ticket to enter the new era of human history.

Artificial Intelligence makes our lives easier but everything comes with its own risks and cons. In this article I am going to mention some cons of AI that could potentially happen in the near future or happening right now.


Artificial Intelligence

Economy is the first thing that every human being in our society will be notice, right now markets like: crypto currency market, stock market, forex etc… controls by smart robots (they are selling assets when market is crashing and buying assets when market is pumping or jumping). We even have robots that buy assets in nanoseconds, after a big new published (for example: about bitcoin), for any human in the world in takes 5 minutes to read the news.

Lets talk about the Artificial Intelligence cons in future and how future economy will look like with artificial intelligence? to answer this question we should look at current time, we have self driving cars, waiter robots, assembly line machines and son on… If I want to abbreviate the future economy in one word in would be “disaster”, yes every revolution comes with new jobs and opportunities like the steam revolution. But there is a huge differences between steam revolution and AI revolution, AI would destroy lots of jobs for example in future we do not need: waiters, construction workers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, teachers, doctors, even programmers and etc… Please keep in mind that we are talking about machines with 2000 IQ level they can do everything, better than us, they do not need to go to school or take college to be learn a new skill. They could learn anything in one or two seconds, If you are asking do they are able to fix themselves or reprogram themselves ?(to eliminate a bug) The answer is yes, AI is more intelligence than we are. So my prediction for future is most of people would be poor, please keep in mind that this is my point of view and I could be wrong about that. 

Artificial intelligence being out of hand

Artificial Intelligence cons

Who could thing about the Artificial Intelligence cons and not think about the end world apocalypse scenario. I personally do not think that AI would end the world and controls all of the humans, Do not get me wrong, AI obviously would try to purge the humans. If I want to be hones the reason is, we are pretty much useless and only thing that we do is destroying the environment and over extracting things that we do not need for our innovations. But I am sure that we will create a manual kill switch for these AIs, so in case of emergency we would turn that switch on and they could not do anything about it. I believe that we will have a master AI (the most intelligent robot) that would help us to innovate, the other robots would have enough IQ for their tasks, so we should monitor this master AI thing to not get out of control. This is my prediction for the future.

new world war

Artificial Intelligence cons

As Mr. Elon Musk said: “The global race for AI will be most likely cause of World War 3”, one of the most serious Artificial Intelligence cons is new World War. This is no AI’s fault this is human’s fault, we probably will build robot soldiers which destroys everything in their way and we will send them toward each other. Actually this ones worries me a lot, If you look at the history we have done really  horrible things to each other and this is not a exception.

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this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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