Area 51

Top secret , Area 51

One of the most top secret areas on the world ! no one knows what is going on in this area but we going to look at some of the things that leak out of this area and we going to guess if they are fake or real.

location of Area 51

It located in Nevada , USA. this area is top secret. it has fance around it , you must not take picture and if you fly drone over this area you going to get into huge trouble. they have camera and sensors to see every things that trespass the fance.

Location of area 51

is Aliens there?

One of the most interesting things people say about this area is: ” Aliens are in this area” which I don’t believe that (personally), one of the interesting reports about this topic is:

One of the workers in this area ( I don’t say name of person) report that he was working on aliens space ship to figure out how it works but in this story there is a huge gaps, look this area is super secret and one of workers leak there information and they do nothing about it it’s sound like funny. 

Is aliens there? area 51

Future guns and aircrafts

In this place government is producing the most advanced guns and aircrafts, when people saw this aircrafts they thought they are is spaceships of Aliens because they never seen such things before this is explains why people thinks Aliens are in this area.

This high level aircrafts are uses by CIA and president , when I say high level it means super technology thins like energy  guns or laser guns and more…

Future guns and aircrafts area 51
Future guns and aircrafts area 51

never ever try to trespass!

Never ever try to trespass , why? cause this area is top secret and if you want to trespass to this area you going to have to pay a lot of money and long time of jail (even for rest of your life!) in federal jails. this is not a game never try to trespass to Area 51 it’s so dangerous!

Never ever try to trespass area 51!

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