Crypto Market Advanced Idioms

learn the crypto market idioms

Why should you learn the Crypto Market advanced Idioms? The answer to this question is simple, If you want to enter the crypto or any market you should first learn the idioms used by people in that market. These idioms helps you to simply learn that market’s language and communicate with them easily, So if you want to learn them read this article till the end.

crypto market advanced idioms

This is the crypto market advanced idioms (or part3). This is the final part of crypto market idioms after reading these 3 parts, you are ready to enter the market and would understand all of the idioms on that market.


These are the Market Advanced Idioms:

ICO: Initial coin offering.

IEO: Initial exchange offering, pre purchasing a coin or token project.

Airdrop: Exchanges gift for their users( for instance, they would say if anyone has Dodge coin we would give them some amount of Shiba).

Snapshot: Exchanges would take snapshot to see which users are suitable for airdrops.

POS: proof of stake, the renting coin system.

Stake pool: gathering coin or token from multiple users in order to reach the decent amount to stake (for users with low amount of coin or token).

DLT: distributed ledged technology (DLT contains blockchain).

Genesis Block: The first block of the blockchain of token or coin.

NOD: all of information in the blocks.

Transaction ID: the specific number of transaction.

Mining Farm: Lots of mining machines in a place.

Pool: Total power of mining farm.

Halving: Prize for creating blocks for miners would be half (usually in every 4 years).

Hash: Block’s code.

Hash rate: The amount of hashing that miner could do.

Network Difficulty: It controls the block creating time,(for example, if hashing is high it would take more time to create a block).

Oracle: links the outer information with enter information.

GASS: the fee of the contract.

Fork: when terms and services in coin or token changes, we have soft fork which is little updates or hard forks which could be change in the rules.

Transaction fee: the fee that sender pays.

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