about me

About Me

Some Facts about me

Hi my name is Erfan Samadi but my friends call me “F”.

I born in Ardabil , Iran but I’m Turkish and I born in 2001. Some of my interests are programming , sports … in my free times I like to hang out with my friends , watch infographicshow and thatwasepic on youtube and more ….  I like things that increase my adrenalin too.

My main goal is to be great programmer I’m trying to build a perfect personality , life , body ,and more … it’s hard but it’s worth it. the path of your goals are beautiful so make sure you enjoy that believe me the path is so enjoyable than your goal.

if you want to know more about me

Hi! you read some facts about me but if you want to ask a question or want to know me better feel free to contact with me.