8 best countries in the world

4 best countries to live in

8 Best countries in the world (part 2)

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Singapore is known for its welcoming nature, The whole country has population of 5.8M and small size of it (it is half size of London) turns it to smallest country in the world. When it comes to kids, Singapore ranked second overall and one in how treat children, And it ranked four in quality of life, first in traveling and transportation and second in safety and security.

8 best countries in the world

New Zealand

New Zealand ranked as third country when it comes to physical and mental well-being and It owns second spot of the best life balance in the world. This country has beautiful landscapes, It holds title of second country in political stability. Lets not forget that, This country has gorgeous beaches, mountains, and wild life and they are ready for exploring. New Zealand has one of the lowest population density in the world and it helps New Zealand to be in fifth place of HBC’s survey, eight place in happiness report and seventh place in the social progress index.

8 best countries in the world


Australia achieve second best score for mental health and third best score for quality of life. This country has low crime rate, affordable properties and free health care. Australia has big national parks with wonderful nature, you can enjoy surfing, exploring landscapes. Its weather is great, you can enjoy 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.

8 best countries in the world


Vietnam is in third for expats who seeking professional development, you will have high income with low cost of living in this country. Vietnam came fifth in international personal ranking, except of all of these, Vietnam has wonderful nature, It is famous for its green water gigantic stone monoliths and rainy forests.


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