7 reasons to study in Canada

7 reasons why to choose Canada for study

Canada has become one of the top destinations for education, A large number of international students troop into Canada for studies every year. Here is some of the reasons why international students choose Canada for study abroad.

Moderate cost of living

Canada provides high quality and practical education with low fees compare to other countries, So if you want to graduate from one of the high rank universities without financial problems, You should probably visit Canada.


Safe and conducive learning environment

Canada is safe country with peaceful nation and it has conducive atmosphere for learning. This country has low crime rate beside of all of this things, Nation has walk safe program campaign, This program aim for helping people to get public transform facilities during the late and odd hours.

Two official languages (French, English)

Canada has two official languages, English is main language of country, %75 of French speakers are live in Quebec which it located in the east of Canada. Keep in mind that you can speak English across all of the parts of country without any problems. I should mention that, Canada is one of the countries that has lots of foreign popularity, so you can meet with lots of people that has different culture and mother language.


nature and Environment

This country blessed by beautiful nature environment, Students can enjoy of this great environment across of the Canada. Canada has lots of lakes that you can spend your weekend, or camp in the forest and faring your holiday.

Canada | nature-and-Environment

Canadian permanent residency immigration

The process for applying Canadian permanent residency is reliable and optimistic, For international students it takes up to 15 to 18 months within Canada. If you want to know more please click the button below.

Work during study or after study

International students in Canada enjoy the privilege of working part time on campus during first six months of their study and after that, They allow to work about 20 hours per week, They program afford opportunity to earn money while they learn. This country has amazing system to reduce the wealth gap. 

Best word's residential area

According to the recent survey conducted by united nationals, Canada has ranked as the word’s best residential area for the last nine years, Canada has highest level of universal education, Long life expectancy, Low crime rate and less violence. Toronto and Ontario are the best international student cities. 

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