3 Best Tech Gits For Christmas

3 tech gifts for Christmas (part 2)

Hi everyone, I hope you had great day or night, I am back with another Blog, This is the part 2 of the tech gifts hope you enjoy.

Nintendo Switch

Price: $300

The Nintendo switch is one the  best gift ideas, The Nintendo came in 2017, But there is nothing else like it yet. Everyone does love Nintendo, it has family friendly and multiplayer games on it plus co-op split screen, This device is small and portable so it is good for people who travel a lot, And it is ideal for people who do not have access to a tv. As might you know you can play games with your family and it is capable to connect to the tv.

Nintendo Switch


Price: $499 with 4K Blu-ray drive or $399 digital version 

The Playstation 5 is absolutely the hottest gift of the year  that you can buy for someone, But this kind of gift (console) is risky, if you want to buy console for someone first make sure to know what kind of games he/she plays or which console is more ideal for her/him. This performance on PS5 is like high end PC stuff, In this product, Playstation is killing it, Except of hardware the dual shock has massive improvement from triggers to shape of the controller, For example in the call of duty (cod) , For firing weapon it takes harder push on triggers and it is vary between weapons as well!

If you do not have good connection or money to burn, I recommend to avoid digital version of the PS5 and Xbox, Because this version do not have disk drive and it means you have to buy games from Play store or Xbox store, you can not trade games as well and you going to spend a lot of money for the games.


Oculus Quest 2 (VR headset)

Price: $299

The last version of this device came out a couple years ago which was great headset actually, This headset is standalone headset it means you do not need PC to plug into, No cables so you can walk freely, And another benefit of this VR headset is you can use your hand instead of the controller, It tracks your hand and you can have fantastic times with it, I should mention that you can plug this into your PC if you want and enjoy of steam games too.

Oculus Quest 2

this blog has written by Erfan Samadi

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