Corvette 2021

2021 Corvette

2021 Corvette is one of the products of Chevrolet or Chevy. Chevrolet is division of Generals Motor (GM) company that is automobile manufacturing company, It founded by Louis Chevy in November 3, 1911 in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. If you want more information about the Chevrolet please click the button down below.

2021 Corvette review

2021 Corvette is one of the super looking car that you can get it for cheap (it is not a super car but it looks like it, it is sport car I explain later why). Exterior of this car has such an amazing design, like I said it has a super car exterior design (and it is not a muscle car) It is a mid engine car, there is no fake vents and all of the thinks that you see is functional unlike some German automobile companies (I am talking to you BMW and Benz), there are lots of vents on car for cooling the engine and some say that overall shape of 2021 Corvette is similar to Ferrari cars which I can not argue with that (actually it is similar). One of the down sides of this car is its frunk (front trunk) let me call it just storage space, you do have trunk to in combined you get 12.6 cubic feet of space which is not good, I mean 12.6 cubic feet is great but the fact that they split it to two storage rooms make it little bit challenging for daily drive car (especially if you want to remove the roof in that case you should put the roof on trunk and it will take all of the space of the trunk).

Now lets talk about the interior of 2021 Corvette, interior is not bad in my point of view (let me explain why), Do not get me wrong Corvette has a great job on lots of things compare to its price, The first thing is its cockpit like driver space they split off the driver from passenger which is not pleasant and there is really badly designed buttons on the console (they could place those buttons more better and more efficient. But you get really cool driver displays and cool console design, there is no back seats (because it is a mid engine car like I said) over all interior is not bad but with some changes it could be the greatest interior for this range of price.


Corvette 2021
Corvette 2021


2021 Corvette comes with  6.2 Liter V 8 engine with 470 Ib-ft of torque which is capable of producing 495 horse power, It has 20 inch front wheels and 20 inch rear wheels. With all of these it can goes 0 to 100 Km in 3.5 seconds and reach top speed of  312 Km/h. Fuel economy: 15 mile per gallon in the city, 27 mile per gallon in the highway and 19 mile per gallon combined.


You can buy 2021 Corvette CA $78,398. If you want to buy this car please click on the button down below.

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