15 best gifts for christmas

15 tech gifts for 2021 Christmas (part 1)

Hi everyone, I hope you had great day or night, I am back with another Blog, This is the part 1 if you want to see part 2 please go back to blog section of site.( if there is not part 2, I will be write it soon)

Amazon Echo

Price: $70

you probably have seen this device, The forth generation of Amazon Echo, This device have cool style with LED lights in the button. If you want to buy it, you can buy it now with 60 pounds on BlackFriday or 90 pounds normally, If you want better speaker and hub support an zigbee and little bit faster respond, you might want to buy Echo plus. Echo Dot is another version of Echo but in smaller size and price, It cost you about 30 or 40 pounds.


Ipad air(4th gen)

Price: $579 to $599

At the time I am writing this blog, This ipad is fresh and it has come out recently, This ipad is one of the best tech products you can buy for someone, because it is similar to ipad pro which is higher than this and more expensive than this, I should mention that, This ipad gets new design. only differences between this ipad and pro version of it is the camera, Pro version has two camera but ipad air just has one camera. Lets not forget to mention that you get 60 hertz screen instead of 120 hertz screen and one of things that I personally do not like is 32 gigabyte storage, however you can improve it. This ipad is the cheapest ipad that supports the magic keyboard.


Macbook Air with M1

Price: $999 to $1,249

This Macbook is revolution of laptops, This laptop offers you double battery life, double performance together! It has better webcam and new CPU which is 30 percent faster and quieter than previous version , This laptop is good for students, For mothers and fathers, For me, For you, For most of the people. Do not worry about apple compatibility anymore, Everything works on it and even runs faster on it.


Gopro Hero 09 Black

Price: $450

You can use this camera for blogging or setup scene. If  you compare it with previous version, This Gopro has real upgrades, The battery life last 30 percent longer than eight and much better front screen. It cost you 400 pounds, If I want to be honest with you it is quite bit expensive, But it will be great gift for new year.


this blog has written by Erfan Samadi

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