10 Most expensive dogs

top 10 most expensive dogs

Dogs are lovely creatures that serve us as pet and companion. But some of This lovely animals are expensive. If you ask me, I will say to you “go and adopt a dog from shelter in your city instead of buying them” This will benefit you and dog ,beside of this you will own a lovely dog. But if you want to buy them this is the top 10 most expensive dogs.

10. Peruvian Inca Orchid

This dog originally from Peru , price tag for this breed is 3,000$ this dog is excellent choice for hunting it don’t like the hot weather and sun can cause sun burning for this breed, this dog is rare it has hairless body.

Most expensive dogs , Peruvian Inca Orchid

9. Azawakh

This dog is originally from south Africa this breed known as guardian dogs this breed use for hunt the speed of Azawakh is 40 MPH! the price tag for this dog is 3,500$ this breed is one of the rare breeds and energetic ones it need a lot of exercise and available in sandy , brown , and red and brindle colors.

Most expensive dogs , Azawakh

8. Chow Chow

This dog is originally from china, this breed has unique appearance (it’s look like bear) this breed is suspicious to strangers. they need cold and a lot of exercise the price tag for this dog is around 4,000$ life spend of this breed is 11-14 years.

Most expensive dogs , Chow Chow

7. Akita

this dog is originally from north japan with price tag of 4,500$ , this dog is two kind Japanese Akita ( Akita inu) and American Akita this dog is used for hunting but now they are working dogs this dogs has double think coat so they love cold weather and winter and this dog is so powerful.

Akita inu is to picture and American Akita is button picture

Most expensive dogs , Akita

6. Samoyed

This dog found in west Siberia and north west of Russia with price tag of 4,000$ to 10,000$ they life spend is around 12-13 years. this breed is friendly so don’t use them as watching dog you can have great time with this dog.

Most expensive dogs , Samoyed

Most expensive dogs Part 2

this blog is written by Erfan Samadi

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