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"every day is new day for you so start building your dream today"

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Hi my name is Erfan Samadi but my friends call me “F” , i born in Ardabil , Iran the coldest city of Iran but now i’m living in….

"do things that makes you happy"

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Erfan Samadi

human body limits

Did you know that you can lose half of your blood and be alive! or you can survive in extreme cold weather!

the earth our only home

Did you know we spend a billion dollars for be able to live on Mars and spend trillion dollars for destroying our Earth!

word war 3

Did you know if word war 3 with nuclear bombs happens sun can't go through it dusts and world gonna be freezing cold and if you see the sun run because it have high UV(there is no ozone layer any more)

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Mr.Amir Nosrati

Thank you Mr.Nosrati for helped me to build this website and a new start of my life.
Amir Nosrati

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