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Erfan Samadi

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What I Offer For being happy?

for me this things are make my day


work out four time in the week believe me its make you unbreakable

becom social person

make that pretty smile on your face then make friends

have some fun

whatch youtube vid,lesion to music or do what ever you like

believe yourself

stop saying i cant. if you want it you gonna get it

work or study

make sure you love that work or major if you dont like it so change it

my friends

what i learn about them

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Philip Watson
he is cool guy , funny and sometimes shy. he is panting skill is too good he can pant some masterpieces with simple tools.
Hmidreza Ershadi
best friend
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Olivia Spencer

what is my hobbies ?

learning about computer

I love to learn everything about computer this include the hardware and software. playing video games is enjoyable too.

hang out with friends

I think hang out with your friends is one of ways to being happy. try to make some good friends.

working out

exercise makes me happy and full of energy for the rest of day after workout i feel like superhuman.(because of lots of energy)